Welcome to Refreshed Designs

Refreshed Designs offers both Architectural and Interior Design services and can be offered both jointly and severally. There is an extreme focus on the project from onset to handover of each project with a fine eye to detail and finishes, whether it be an industrial, commercial, residential, retail or hospitality space or even a furniture piece.

Our team is very dynamic and strives for design perfection with each member of the teem offering unique skills that compliment each other.

Dylan Watkins a critical thinking Architect, offering remarkable design skills and unmatched visual appeal taking a vision to a functioning design / render to a masterpiece on paper, on to a fully functional form simultaneously ensuring the structures functionality and intricate detail is achieved.

Jason Joubert coming from a diverse background of skills amassed over the years from Structural Steel Detailing, a stint in Structural Engineering, Construction, and the Architectural Profession, all culminating into a refined, holistically viewed structure.

Tracy Joubert is a strong willed Interior Designer, with the most amazing eye for detail and perfection. Everything is possible in her eyes, If you can see it, you can dream it and make it come true. Tracy has a good understanding of a client’s individuality, requirements and strives to achieve a perfectly beautiful functional space. Work ethics and commitment is what gets her over the line.

Refreshed Designs offerings to the built environment and its customers are Concept Designs, Refurbishments to unloved and neglected structures, new builds, 3D renders (exterior & interior), and much more…

“Our passion is design; we have never been afraid of hard work or too much work- so bring it on!”